What are the good ways to apply for a business loan after re

Xiao Zhang plans to start his own business after resigning from work, but now there is still a funding gap of 80,000. He wants to solve the loan through loan, but can he apply for a loan after resigning? If Xiao Zhang wants to solve the fund problem through unsecured loans, it is best. I dismissed this idea early, because the borrower applying for an unsecured loan must have a stable job, and Xiao Zhang does not meet this basic requirement. If he resigns, can he not borrow? No, it is not good after resignation. Mortgage loans, but the following two types of loans are not affected by the resignation: 1. Mortgage loans If there are real estate and car production under the name of Xiao Zhang, you can use it as a mortgage to find a third-party lending institution to handle real estate mortgage loans or auto mortgage loans. It is reported that compared with banks, loan companies have a slightly lower loan threshold. Even if you resign, you can apply if you have a certain source and have the ability to repay on time and in full. Moreover, even if you are refused loans by the loan company, you can also find the pawnshop "help", as long as you can provide proof of collateral ownership, my valid identification, marriage certificate, you can apply for a loan. 2, small-guaranteed discount interest loans Some local governments in order to support entrepreneurs who are willing to start a business, together with the bank, the Ministry of Finance and other departments to launch a small amount of guaranteed interest loans, personal maximum amount of up to 100,000, the maximum interest period of two years. However, entrepreneurs have obtained business licenses, have fixed business locations; entrepreneurial projects are feasible; personal credit records are good; repayment ability, and can provide counter-guarantors.