Is the job more stable, the higher the income, the easier it

Whether it is a loan to a bank or a loan to a lending institution, it proves to be the most direct proof of the borrower's ability to repay. Then someone will ask, is it higher that the higher the easier it is to obtain a loan? Generally speaking, the role of proof is to prove the situation of the borrower to the lending institution, and then determine whether it has the ability to repay, that is, the higher, It means that the borrower's repayment ability is stronger, and for the lending institution, it has stronger repayment ability, so it is easier to obtain the loan. However, in addition to the proof, the borrower also needs to provide bank water certificate, personal credit report, residence certificate, personal identification, etc. These are the necessary information when applying for a loan. The borrower can prepare in advance before the loan. Speed ​​up the loan. In addition to this, if the certificate issued has a false component, once the lending institution has verified it and finds that it is fraudulent, it also has an impact on the borrower's application for the loan. Usually, if you use a fake certificate to apply for a bank personal loan, the bank will find out when the information is reviewed. If such a situation is found, the bank will directly refuse the loan and may affect the applicant's personal credit history. In the process of applying for personal bank loans, the bank did not find any material fraud, and after the loan has been issued, the bank found that the certificate was false, and the bank has the right to immediately recover the loan and demand the borrower to bear the corresponding legal liability and bank losses. At the same time, bad records will be left in the personal credit history.