Mortgage financing "cash is king

The tight situation of bank credit funds has continued, which means that it will be more difficult for homebuyers to obtain mortgages in the future, and the threshold for mortgage loans is “high”. In the face of the difficulty of obtaining mortgages, “against the news”, how should the back-house family manage the assets in their hands? Bank financial experts pointed out that the current mortgage financing should be “always changeable”, lenders need to keep a close eye on the policy “wind vane” to develop financial planning and make the best use of loan resources. Under the pressure of inflation, the stock is under the opportunity of “value”, “advance repayment” may become “advance surrender”. Pay back in advance Don't use your living money as dead money. Bank related personnel analysis, from the current application for repayment of loans in advance, the obvious reason is that the stocks are not good, can not find investment channels, had to repay loans in advance. The loan repayment in advance after the Spring Festival has increased. In addition, the interest rate hike is expected to allow many investors to choose to repay loans in advance. The stock is not good now, it is just an investment opportunity, because good opportunities must be at a low point. In addition to stocks, there are many fixed-income wealth management products. Gold can now be short-selling, and investment can be made. There are still many investment opportunities. For many customers who choose to repay their loans in advance, financial planners generally recommend not repaying loans in advance. Mortgage should be seen as a kind of loan resource, and many people now want to get it but it is difficult to achieve the goal. If you repay the loan in advance, you will use the money to die. Although the stock and the building are not good now, once you get better, when the opportunity comes, you have no money in your hand. This is the most distressing thing. And from the perspective of inflation, if the bank's money is still in the future, and can make some investment, it is definitely a very cost-effective thing. The buyers who want to raise interest rates should not be in a hurry. After all, the interest rate after the interest rate hike is a one-year adjustment, that is, the interest rate increase this year, and the interest rate will not be adjusted until January next year. Mortgage pressure has spawned “double renters”. “There is a lot of pressure on repayment, and I want to keep some money for investment. I rent out my house and rent a house in the suburbs to earn some money to raise the house. ” Both little white-collar Miss Xia said. This group of Miss Xia is called “double renter”. Miss Xia bought a two-bedroom unit in the center at the end of last year, and repaid 3,300 yuan per month. After deducting the tax, her salary was about 4,500. The difference between the two was 1200 yuan per month. How is life in the center enough? The pressure is high, but Miss Xia does not want to sell the house. After some thoughts, Miss Liu recently rented out the house and rented a single room in the suburbs. The house is in a good location, and it is a degree room, renting 2,800, and the rent in the suburbs is more than 1,000, earning more than 1,000. “Double rent” mode has a stable profit, but it is not without defects. Ms. Xia said that the transportation cost of renting a house to the suburbs will increase accordingly, and there will be more inconveniences away from the center. It is more suitable for young people who have bought big houses, are not married yet, or are independent of their children. Repay the loan in advance. Keep an eye on the policy "wind vane" “With no change in monetary policy, the total size of the loan is still in a state of austerity, so you can avoid repaying the loan in advance. & rdquo; A bank financial planner said. He further pointed out that even those lenders with sufficient funds on hand should make good use of the current loan resources. “If you need funds in advance to repay the loan, it is very difficult to get a loan in the current environment. ” When can I consider repaying my loan in advance? Li Ji said that the relevant policies can be said to be everyone's mortgage financing "wind direction", once the monetary policy has a loose signal, you can combine your financial plan and funding situation, consider repaying loans in advance.