What is the online investment financial dividend?

Online investment and financial management dividends: There is such an investment and financial management, you can enjoy daily dividends without paying a lot of money, guarantee 100% profit, claiming that even if you are sleeping, there will still be money into your account. Is there such a thing? After investigation, I found that there are many similar investment companies on the Internet. They claim that as long as you will go online, use QQ, send blogs, and use Weibo, you can make money easily. These investment processes are as follows: register as a member (fill in the ID card and bank card information), recharge the account, then select the dividend items that need to be invested, and wait for regular dividends. Investment project categories generally include: daily investment projects, weekly investment projects, and monthly investment projects. That is, dividends are paid once a day, every week, and in January. The duration of dividends varies from 30 days to 180 days. Take the example of the project in the contract provided by the above netizens, invest 3800, dividend 200 per day, and share a total of 5 days, totaling 1000. It seems that investing 3800, net profit of 200 per day, a total of 1,000 earned after 5 days, the income is very high. According to relevant sources, investors with such a high dividend are more likely to be scams, and the return on investment cycle is so short that investors should be vigilant. In addition, when investing in financial management, investors should not rush, understand the actual investment projects, conduct research, master and verify some of the company's information, and if necessary, go to the company to visit. Once the other party refuses to conduct a field visit, it should be careful to be deceived.