What are the methods for investment and wealth management in

When is the best time to manage money? In fact, no matter what age we are in, financial management is progressing along with our age. No matter what age you are in, it is a good time to manage your finances. 20-30 Financial Management - Starting from Learning to Book Finance Twenty Twenty The principle of financial management is very simple: learn to use the existing 40% of wealth management or deposits to control excessive consumption on weekdays. Financial experts said that more than 20 from the beginning of the first month of wages must be scientific planning, accounting is a very scientific way of financial management. Three allocations are required for each month, that is, 40% of required expenses, 20% of controllable expenses, 40% of wealth management or deposit expenses. Therefore, it is recommended that more than 20 young people can choose P2P online financial management, and launch a series of investment-oriented wealth management products on the P2P financial platform of Xicai. The product features are: capital security, high profitability and strong liquidity. Suitable for young people to invest in wealth management, savings + investment, security and security, but also the best combination of risk sharing. 30-40 Financial Management - The pressure on car loans is very high. At this time, the pressure of middle-aged people is quite heavy: support parents, provide housing, raise cars, raise children... Therefore, adequate protection is the key, but also need to be clear about the future education of children. Planning. Education funds should be prepared in advance and meet the principle of earmarking, compulsory savings, fighting inflation, and guaranteeing. As for buying a house and buying a guaranteed-type wealth management, it should be considered at the end. In addition, as more than 30 are in a period of steady growth in business, they will become more stable and continue to grow. It is recommended to consider purchasing higher-yielding P2P products, reinvesting the proceeds, and giving full play to the effects of compound interest investment. It is a positive and secure way of managing money. 40-50 Financial Management - Pension Planning is at the time As the backbone of society and the economic pillar of the family, the "70s" gradually stepped in. At this stage, the child has grown up, the family burden is gradually reduced, the wealth is higher, and the wealth balance is more, but the physical health condition is inevitably gradually reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to deduct the necessary monthly expenditures to use the remaining money to manage wealth, and at the same time increase the awareness of old-age care. Most of the 50 or so groups are in a sub-health state due to busy careers, and the incidence of major diseases will increase significantly after 40 years. Therefore, the investment in major disease insurance should be appropriately increased at this time. The quality of life after retirement should also be put on the planning agenda. Endowment insurance generally consists of three parts: one is social basic pension insurance, the other is enterprise annuity, and the third is personal funds for pension, including bank savings, pension insurance, and P2P wealth management. At different stages, we should focus on investing in wealth management, and knowing how to invest can add value to wealth. Health and wealth coexist, it is!