Strive to give about 300,000 medical insurance for primary a

Preschool children and primary and secondary school students in the main body will be able to seek medical treatment by card. Among them, the function of student card will be more abundant, and it will be extended to various fields such as library cards and bus cards. Before the end of December this year, Xiaoshan, Yuhang District and Wu () achieved the first wholesale card, promoted the integration of medical insurance, expanded the network-wide application of “one card” for medical insurance, promoted the informationization of community health service organizations, and established electronic files for residents' health information. At the beginning of the People's Congress, the government made such a solemn commitment to the whole government and was included in the 2010 government's top ten private projects. To this end, the Information Office took out a timetable. The first batch of folk cards will be issued before the end of December 2010. On January 1, 2011, the card issuance and trial application. In 2011, the medical insurance insured personnel who fully realized the holding of the card in the district () medical institutions in the district to seek medical treatment, and to achieve the domain-wide medical insurance "one card" card for medical treatment; to achieve the personnel holding the card in the health records management of residents application. There are three types of card issuers. Residents of households under the jurisdiction of the two districts (including those under 16 weeks); non-resident households (including those under 16 weeks) who participate in basic medical insurance and new medical insurance for residents of the two districts and five cities; Non-regional household registration personnel (including people under 16 weeks). The folk cards of middle and primary school students and preschool children strive to send about 300,000 cards. This time, there are also preschool children and middle and primary school students, including secondary and technical school students. The card is mainly for primary and secondary school students and preschool children in the upper, lower, Jianggan, Gongshu, Xihu, Gaoxin Development Zone (Binjiang), Economic and Technological Development Zone (Xiasha) and West Lake Scenic Area. However, he or she also needs to meet one of the following four conditions. District household registration personnel; non-Hangzhou households who participate in the basic medical insurance for residents in the district; students who are enrolled in district primary and secondary schools. Non-Hangzhou households who are included in the health record management of the Health Bureau. Mao Guo, deputy director of the Information Office, said that in 2010, it will strive to achieve about 300,000 card issuance. There are two types of cards issued, one is the preschool children's card (social security card), and the other is the middle and primary school students' card (social security card). The two types of cards have different functions, different cards, different application conditions, and different functions attached to them. Preschool children's card (social security card) is claimed by children who have not yet entered primary school. When you enter primary school, you will need to change to a student card. Mainly used for children's medical insurance and health records and other functions. Primary and secondary school students' cards (social security cards) must be attended by primary and secondary school students (including secondary school and technical school students). The validity period is 6 years. It is necessary to re-take the portrait collection and change the card at the expiration. The application period for students over 16 weeks is valid for 10 years. The student card function can be loaded with functions such as child health insurance, health file, second class, library card, park card, bus card and campus card. For the first time, both cards are free, but after that, there are losses, man-made damage, etc., and the card can be paid for. Mao Guo said that it is expected that by January 1, 2011, children and young children who have participated in the basic medical insurance and new cooperative medical insurance will be able to seek medical treatment with their card (social security card) and basic medical insurance certificate.