Factors affecting the ranking of p2p financial companies

For the first time people who contacted p2p, apart from not knowing what it is, more is to decide which platform to choose. In this case, many people will go to know the ranking of p2p financial company, then what is the basis of this ranking? What are the factors affecting this ranking? First, the P2P wealth management company ranking reflects the comprehensive strength of a platform, and the rankings published by different platforms are different due to the different factors affecting the platform, so the final ranking results are different. . First look at the ranking of the platform development index rating table published by the industry website online loan home every month. The rankings of wealth management companies are ranked according to the “Development Index”, and the factors affecting the development index include: transaction points, revenue points, popularity points, technical points, leverage points, liquidity, and dispersion. , transparency and brand, and their proportion as shown below: Among them, Xiao Bian believes that the size of the funds on the platform is the key factor determining the ranking of p2p wealth management companies. After all, the turnover of the platform represents the industry user group against P2P. The attention of the platform and the size of the transaction also indirectly reflect the brand's influence on the industry. But this can't be the only criterion for judging whether p2p companies are formal, because each wealth management company develops at different stages, and the staged rankings are only for investors' reference. Of course, if we want to know if a platform is not reliable, we still have to practice it ourselves. According to the p2p financial company rankings, the choice is not necessarily the most reliable. Looking at the platform is not reliable, we have introduced a variety of methods in the previous article. To sum up, it mainly depends on its contract, process and certification is not formal, only to personally try the investment withdrawal process to clear the rules of the platform, to avoid implicit restrictions on investment behavior. The above is an introduction to the ranking of p2p financial companies. It is worth mentioning that there are many platforms on the leaderboard that will be released. You can refer to it. Although there are many people who question this financial company ranking, it has certain rationality. Investors are only referring to it. It is not recommended to follow the rankings for decision making. There is no best platform, only the platform that suits you.