Selecting the major elements of foreign exchange wealth mana

The foreign exchange wealth management products launched by various banks can be described as “smooth and fascinating eyes”. Let's take a look at some of the key elements of choosing foreign exchange wealth management products. Look at the brand. Banks launching foreign exchange wealth management products are financial derivatives trading businesses, and there are still few banks that are currently eligible for this business. It is understood that China Merchants Bank has recently obtained relevant business qualifications, and customers can purchase foreign exchange wealth management products with confidence. Second, look at management experience. As early as last May, China Merchants Bank took the lead in launching a foreign exchange financial plan in the industry, and explored a new channel for foreign exchange management of residents, which set off a wave of foreign exchange financing in the industry. Since the beginning of this year, the bank has issued 8 sets of foreign exchange wealth management products according to the different needs of customers. Several of the dynamic wealth management products are original in the industry, and it can be said that they have accumulated rich experience in foreign exchange management. Third, look at the rate of return. Some foreign exchange wealth management products said that “the first year of return 7%”, in fact, seriously study the terms of the product will find that this is misleading, because the high income in the first year is often low income in the next few years or even Zero income is conditional. However, China Merchants Bank adheres to the principle of good faith and tells customers the deadlines, yields and possible risks of all foreign exchange wealth management products, and never misleads customers. Four to see the deadline. At present, many foreign exchange products have a long period of time. Once customers urgently need to use money during the investment period, they are more passive. In response to customer needs, China Merchants Bank's three products launched during the period from August 9th to 16th are short-term wealth management products, achieving the best ratio in terms of liquidity and profitability, and also specializing in the introduction of pledge loans. The customer's need.