For college students as a special group, financial instituti

The Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security recently held a press conference for the Provincial College Students Entrepreneurship Leading Program. From 2014 to 2017, the province will lead no less than 60,000 college students to start businesses. It is reported that this is the first time the province has proposed quantitative college students' entrepreneurial indicators. In terms of entrepreneurship education and training, 40 provincial-level college students' entrepreneurship education model schools will be focused on, and no less than 160,000 college students will start entrepreneurship training. Zhu Jian, deputy director of the Policy and Regulation Department of the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, counts the benefits that college students can enjoy in taxation. In terms of business tax, small and micro enterprises established for college students can be exempted from October 1 this year, with a monthly turnover of less than 30,000 yuan; if the business income of college students is less than 100,000, the tax rate is 10 %, while the corporate income tax rate for general companies is 25%. For college students as a special group, there is no mortgage guarantee, financial institutions launch credit loans, and college students can borrow loans with credit. In terms of the loan process, many financial institutions launch a credit, use the loan, annual review, and recycle. Within the credit line, after the loan amount is over, you can go directly to the withdrawal if necessary. In recent years, college students have also received a lot of support. Dai Guohai, deputy director of the Bank's branch money and credit management department, said that since the first half of 2014, the province's college student loan balance was 121 million. The accumulated loans since 2009 were 710 million. It is reported that with the cooperation of various departments, the province will establish and improve the government's incentives for entrepreneurship, social support for entrepreneurship, and college students for entrepreneurial mechanisms, so that college students' entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurial ability will be further enhanced.