Loan liar usually has a trick on how to choose a safe loan

In the mixed loan market, the swindler's ghost did not make some people who really need funds feel panic. How can they get a peace of mind? Of course, they recognize the scam. The following small series will take everyone to come together to understand the usual tricks of loan liar. 1. Claiming an ID card can be loaned; 2. Interest rate is too low to imagine; 3. Contact only by one QQ number or phone number; 4. Reject the face-to-face contract for various reasons; 5. Charge before loan. Therefore, when you choose a lending institution, you must look at these three points. I. Contract Terms When signing a loan contract, you must carefully read the terms of the contract, especially the loan interest rate, repayment method, early repayment, and breach of contract rules, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to yourself. II: Qualification of the lending institution When choosing a lending institution, it is necessary to understand whether the other party has a business license or a business license. If these basic procedures are not available, then change it quickly! Of course, the bank is a trustworthy industry. However, if the application threshold is high, the borrower who needs to find a bank loan should know it in advance so that the loan can be successfully obtained. Three: Salespersons It is important to choose a lending institution, and it is equally important to select a salesperson. When contacting with the business, be sure to verify the identity of the other party, employment units and other information. If you recommend unreliable loan products to you, you must know how to distinguish them.