25% of the monthly interest in campus credit

Recently, a news of “the emergence of usury in colleges and universities” has attracted the attention of Xiaobian. According to the news report, the reporter found that a large number of loan advertisements for college students appeared in a university campus and forum. This type of campus lending is only for college students, the procedure is simple, and the borrower can only apply for the loan business by using his ID card and student ID as collateral. Interest is high and scary, with a loan interest rate of 1%, a weekly interest discount of 5%, and a monthly interest rate of 25%. In order to avoid risks, the loan company also develops students to act as “informants”, through which they collect accounts and contact the borrower’s family. According to the loan company responsible for the population, because of a complete set of industry chains, their business has progressed smoothly so far, and the repayment rate is very optimistic. After reading Xiaobian, it is only 25% of monthly interest, and it is a cold sweat. In order to prevent more college students from falling into the trap of such campus lending, Xiaobian extracted some of the main problems. Question 1: Monthly interest rate is as high as 25%. Xiaorong Comments: This interest rate is converted to an annual interest rate of 300%, which is far higher than the standard of not exceeding the bank's interest rate by 4 times. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a usury. Therefore, for a few hundred slogans for the month, the pro must have a few more eyes. Question 2: Mortgage ID card and student ID card Xiaorong Comments: Your ID card and student ID card have been taken by the lender. Are you afraid of taking them to do bad things? Far away, it is enough to apply for several credit loans. You drink two pots. Question 3: Write only a loan without signing a contract. Xiaorong Comments: The loan company in the news only writes a debit for avoiding the investigation and not signing the contract, and only the principal is indicated in the loan, and the time and method of interest and repayment are not stated. This is obviously an act of exploiting the loophole and is not protected by law. Question 4: Development of college students as informants Xiaorong Comments: These college students, known as "line people", are both the object of borrowing by lending companies and their use of tools. It seems that they get commissions from dunning, but the facts On the other hand, the non-compliance of usury itself makes the dunning behavior not compliant. Finally, Xiaorong warmly reminds all college students that as a non-consumer group, they must do their best when shopping, and avoid impulsiveness and comparison. When choosing a loan product, you can also consider the credit products of credit e-commerce platform or credit card staging. Interest is relatively low; if you encounter a "sweet loan" illegal debt collection, it must be handled by the police. The law clearly stipulates that private lending interest cannot exceed 36%. In other words, you don't have to worry about it. Usury is not protected by law.