CCB Shanrong Business Enterprise Mall launches the first sma

Recently, CCB “Good Business” Enterprise Mall launched the first small and micro enterprise credit loan product “Shengrong e-loan” to solve the problem of capital turnover of small and micro enterprises. It is understood that the “Shurong e-loan” product is a credit business for small and micro enterprises that have settled in the CCB Good Business Business Mall and the personal mall, and the pre-credit quota is determined based on the online transaction of Shanrong Business. The contract is approved by approval. According to reports, the product has the following four characteristics: credit loan does not require any mortgage; based on the online transaction situation to determine the loan amount; single-user loan amount up to 2 million; after the application is successful, the independent use, with the loan. At the same time, the 2016 “Best Treasury and Cash Management Agency” selection by the internationally renowned professional financial magazine Global Finance was announced. CCB's cash management business won the “Best Liquidity Management Bank in Asia Pacific” and “Best Treasury and Cash Management Bank” awards, becoming the only Chinese bank to receive Asia Pacific awards. In recent years, CCB's settlement and cash management business has accelerated its transformation, its business foundation has been steadily consolidated, and its comprehensive contribution has been continuously improved. In 2015, the bank's RMB settlement account exceeded 5 million for the first time, and the incremental growth rate was ranked first in the Bank of China; settlement and cash management self-help, mobility and wisdom reached a new level. In this award-winning liquidity management field, CCB has successively launched a series of new finished products such as virtual cash pool, bill pool, intelligent cash pool, comprehensive account book pool, and receivables and payable management in the past two years, relying on product innovation. A strong liquidity management product line. This year, CCB will focus on the transformation goals of the whole bank, continue to accelerate product innovation and application, deepen business transformation and development, and further develop the basic and platform-based role of cash management in maintaining bank-enterprise relations, integrating integrated services, and absorbing settlement-related deposits. , continue to enhance the field competitiveness and comprehensive contribution of the cash management business.