Spring Festival children's lucky money, use the accident ins

Every Spring Festival, for the children, the greatest happiness is to receive the money, and as the economy grows, the number of money is also rising, using the money to buy an insurance for the child, become the financial management of many parents. select. Health accident insurance is the primary insurance. Mr. Liu’s son will receive a considerable amount of money every year. This year, Mr. Liu intends to use this money to buy an insurance. Cai Renjun, head of the operation department of Zhongshan Marketing Service, said that buying insurance for children can help them develop their risk management awareness and financial awareness, and also let their children feel the parents' care. At present, there are many types of children's insurance on the field, including children's accident insurance, children's health insurance, children's education insurance and children's investment and wealth management. Experts suggest that children's self-protection awareness is not strong, and accidents are easy to occur. Therefore, it is necessary to insure an accident insurance, and the accident insurance premium is cheap. Only a few hundred premiums are paid each year to obtain a high insurance coverage. In addition, children's physical fitness is weak, and sick hospitalization expenses have become a headache for many families. You can choose a hospitalization medical insurance, which can reimburse a certain percentage of hospitalization and medical expenses. Education gold insurance should do its best. Many parents like to buy education insurance for their children. However, experts remind that education insurance premiums are relatively high, and mainly provide children with a certain stage of education and even return of business funds. If the child is too young Or family conditions are not sufficient, there is no need to first purchase education insurance. It is understood that the current return period of education funds is different, some return period can be 70~80, short-term is 20~30, the policy is terminated after completing school or getting married. If the economic conditions are limited, only products that can provide education guarantee are considered. Yes, and parents don’t have to plan for their future pensions. Insured Tips, pay attention to the premium exemption clause, Cai Renjun, the head of the operation department of Zhongshan Marketing Service, reminds that for minors, don't forget to attach a death/major disease exemption insurance. Once the insured person suffers from a serious illness, there is no need to The child’s insurance premium will be paid, and the insurance contract will continue to be valid, which can achieve “double insurance”. Insurers said that in the design of children's insurance, some insurance companies will consider that the accumulation of children's education funds will not be interrupted by parents' accidents, illnesses, etc., so the premium exemption has become a major factor. However, different exemption conditions have different exemption benefits. If some products are only partially exempted from the main insurance, some products will be exempted from the entire insurance premium for all major insurance premiums, such as the insurance “growth” combination protection plan to avoid Due to the accident of the parents, the main insurance is effective and the additional insurance is invalid, resulting in insufficient protection.