Monthly 5,000 single white-collar smart wealth management, 1

House slaves have become the most popular vocabulary nowadays. It is hard for people who have not experienced the life of a slave to imagine the feeling of being paid by the bank. Especially after experiencing six interest rate hikes in 2007, many house slaves suddenly found that their repayment pressures increased sharply from January this year. Without the new feeling of just living in a new home, more mortgage lenders began to feel a significant decline in the quality of life. Mortgage has become a big stone in the hearts of many mortgage lenders, especially the young house slaves have called to hope that this newspaper can make suggestions for it. Recently, the newspaper invited bank financial experts to tailor financial plans for singles and nobles to ease the pressure on mortgages. Case Miss Hao has a job that many people admire, 30, unmarried, white-collar workers, 5000, like travel vacation, physical fitness, car driving, is a veritable single noble. However, the good times are not long. Looking at last year's house prices have been rising. Miss Hao has bought a house and borrowed 400,000 from the bank. Since then, she has become a veritable house slave. Every month's salary is removed from the daily expenses and there is very little left after the loan is repaid. She can no longer travel and exercise regularly as she used to. Although she has lived in a new house, Ms. Hao feels that her level of life is declining over the past year. Now Miss Hao has 250,000 deposits in her hands, originally intended as a future pension. Now she hopes to use financial management to decompress her heavy house slaves. Bank Zhang Zheng AFP financial planner, insurance agent. The current bank branch, the Peace Branch, is a personal financial planner at the Roman Garden. Financial Goal 1 is a heavy mortgage burden decompression 2 Planning ahead of future asset risk definition - risk capability low risk capability 0-19 points medium and low risk capacity 20-39 points medium risk capacity 40-59 points medium high risk capacity 60-79 points high Risk ability 80-100 points - low risk attitude 0-19 points low attitude 20-39 points attitude 40-59 points high attitude 60-79 points high attitude 80-100 is divided into the provision of the appropriate personal situation The financial management strategy needs to test the type of risk tolerance and risk attitude of Ms. Hao's employment status, family burden, property status, investment experience, investment knowledge, enduring losses, compensation actions, loss of money psychology, investment success or failure. After testing, Miss Hao's risk attitude score is 24 points, and the risk tolerance score is 79 points, which is a medium-low risk high, medium and high risk tolerance. After the full communication between the financial planner and Miss Hao, I learned about Miss Hao's interest in inflation, capital security, liquidity, profitability, current level, and ease of investment management. In combination with Miss Hao's specific situation, the best way to reduce mortgages is to fully support the 250,000 deposits. In the case of 5,000 monthly wages to meet basic consumption, make appropriate investments and try to achieve open source and reduce expenditures. Financial strategy Product name Investment weight Target rate of return Yield standard deviation Whole deposit 5% 3.93% 0 New stock subscription class 45% 12% 1.05 Wealth product bond fund 20% 5% 1.29 Mixed fund 20% 11% 9.03 Stock type Fund 10% 18% 10.94 In view of Ms. Hao’s risk assessment, the three-point financial planner who arranged the relevant financial plan fund selection reminded Miss Hao that the following three points should be taken when selecting the fund: A. If you choose a stock fund, you should pay attention to it. Observe that in the stock fund position structure, the proportion of stocks held should not exceed 70%. This is in terms of controlling risk and reducing losses due to possible downsides. Choosing a fund with a low stock position can avoid more losses. Therefore, it is recommended that Ms. Hao choose a low-risk fund variety or a new fund with a lower stock position. The size of the funds selected by B should be moderate. In the current situation of shocks, the size of the fund is too large, which often brings operational difficulties and cost increases to the fund; if it is too small, it cannot grasp more opportunities, and at the same time, it should deal with the risk of liquidity in redemption. C should systematically analyze the stock holdings of the fund to avoid the impact of the continuous decline of HTC shares on the net value of the fund. Suggested fund portfolio: E Fund Value Selection, Huaan Hongli, Jingshun Dingyi, Credit Suisse Blue Chip. Based on the above financial products, the average yield is 10.59%. Future Planning The above allocation of investment financial assets is recommended to be allocated after the allocation of protection plans to ensure that large expenditures are reduced when risks occur. After comprehensive analysis of Miss Hao's specific situation by the financial planner, I suggest that Miss Hao should strengthen the protection items as follows: 1. At present, Ms. Hao is in the family cycle “single period”. In the single-person period, women are prone to develop excessive habits of living, and they can make compulsory savings through insurance products to prepare for marriage. 2. Miss Hao is currently in good health, but considering frequent travel, travel, sports, etc., accident protection is the main demand. It is recommended to purchase accident insurance for a certain amount of insurance. 3. It can be supplemented in terms of critical illness protection. This age group has a higher cost of higher illness and a higher level of protection. It is the golden stage of purchasing critical illness insurance. Financial Tools Integrated Banking Account A multi-currency comprehensive account card that integrates various functions such as deposit and withdrawal, consumption settlement, and investment. The integrated account not only enjoys preferential service, but also provides full-time account manager with various wealth management services. Credit Cards Use higher credit lines and appropriate use of liabilities to make your asset structure more reasonable, and to avoid consumption, while avoiding the hassle of carrying cash. Online Banking Through the network system, you can manage your own accounts without leaving your home, invest in financial management, and improve the efficiency and quality of your life.