College students start school financial management "three s

After the Spring Festival, most of them passed the first month of the 15th, and many college students will return to school and prepare for school. At this time of the year, the Spring Festival’s money and the new semester’s living expenses are filled with purses. How should college students place this “small treasury”? According to the Jiafeng Reid survey, the first week of college students’ schooling, the money is mainly used Tuition, purchase of daily necessities, and class reunion. Xiaoming is a college student who has recently prepared a living fee for the new semester and is ready to start school with the pressure of the Spring Festival. Last year, Xiaoming’s living expenses were as high as water, and there was no plan for consumption. He did not know how to manage money. Financial planners believe that in addition to academics, college students are also necessary to learn how to manage their finances correctly. They must manage their own "small treasury" and create appropriate small ones. First: do a good consumption plan and control unnecessary consumption. For college students like Xiaoming, the cost of living is like running water. It is very important to make a good consumption plan and control unnecessary consumption. This is also the first step in financial management. The money for the Spring Festival and the cost of living for the new semester must first be used to purchase daily necessities; recharge of meals, water cards, bath cards, etc. on campus; and the purchase of materials and school supplies, and then consider other expenses. In addition, Jiafeng Ruide Financial Planner believes that at the beginning of the school, appropriate reduction of class reunion and control of unnecessary expenses. Second: Carefully handle credit cards to avoid leaving credit stains. During the start of the university, many banks will set up credit card processing points on the university campus and send gifts by credit card to attract students. Financial planners should remind college students not to be tempted by gifts, to handle credit cards cautiously, to know that credit cards are closely related to personal credit. In the process of using credit cards, if they are not repaid in time, they will leave credit stains and affect them. Individuals buy houses and buy cars in the future. If you have already used a credit card, remember to pay off in time. Third: If you have more money in your hands, learn to create something small. In addition to some of the necessary consumption for daily life, college students have money in their hands, and Jiafeng Ruide financial planners recommend learning to create some small ones. For example, a few thousand, you can choose to have money in the Internet financial wealth management products such as Yu'ebao, the annualized rate of return is about 4%, the funds can be used as needed, more cost-effective than the survival period, but also can be used for online shopping, buy some cheap daily necessities Wait; about 50,000, you can choose short-term bank wealth management products, the annualized rate of return is about 5%, the income is higher than the income of Internet financial wealth management products; about 100,000, you can choose short-term fixed wealth management products, just like Sheng Shan Ji Xin, the investment period is 3 months, the annualized rate of return is 8%, and the income is higher than the bank wealth management products. College students can reasonably choose these types of products according to their own financial needs. The sooner the financial management is, the better it is. It is recommended that college students develop a good habit of keeping accounts, and record the monthly expenditures to help control unnecessary consumption. In addition, in terms of economic sources, in addition to learning to create some small, college students can also use the holiday to earn money, and prepare for their future entrepreneurship and family.