Introduction to Forex: Forex Trading Tips

The essence of foreign exchange trading is "low buy high" or "high sell low buy", which is very simple to say, but in actual operation, it is often more complicated. Then let's summarize the foreign exchange trading skills, which will help investors get more profits in the foreign exchange. 1. Learn to establish foreign exchange account positions, stop loss positions and profit closing positions. Establishing a position is an opening or an opening, that is, buying another currency and selling another currency. The currency bought after the opening is called the long position, and the currency sold is called the short position. Choosing the right exchange rate and timing to establish a position is a prerequisite for profitability. If the timing is better, the chances of profiting will be greater; on the contrary, if the timing is not right, it will be prone to losses. A stop-loss position is a measure of stop-and-go measures taken to prevent excessive losses when the currency exchange rate is reduced after the position is established. The actual profit is hard to grasp. After the position is established, when the exchange rate has developed in the direction of its own advantage, the liquidation can be profitable. However, it is very important to grasp the timing of profit. The flat is too early and the profit is not much. The flat is too late, which may delay the timing. When the exchange rate trend reverses, it will not win or lose. 2, to master the basic principles of buying up and not buying down. Because only one point in the process of price increase is wrong, that is, when the price rises to the top, any other purchase is correct. Buying when the exchange rate falls, only one point is correct, that is, the exchange rate has dropped to the lowest point. Other than that, buying at other points is wrong. 3. Learn to use the principle of pyramid plus code. When the exchange rate of the currency we bought for the first time continues to rise, if we want to increase the investment, we should follow the principle of “the number of overweight each time is less than the last time”. Because the higher the price, the greater the probability of approaching the peak of the rise, the greater the danger, so the number of overweights will gradually decrease. 4. Don't add code when you lose money. When we buy or sell a currency, when the forex trading market suddenly moves in the opposite direction, some people want to increase the code, which is very dangerous. 5, to comply with the principle of buying (selling) when rumors, selling (buy) in fact. The correct way for foreign exchange investors is to buy immediately when they hear good news. Once the news is confirmed, they will immediately make a profit. vice versa. 6. When you encounter a situation where the trend of the exchange is not clear, try not to participate. Because if the exchange is not clear and you lack confidence in the current analysis, it is easy to make a wrong judgment, so it is better not to enter the venue. 7, do not blindly pursue the integer point and miss the opportunity. Some speculative foreign exchange investors tend to set a certain goal for themselves, sometimes the price is very close to the peak, but in order to complete their goals, missed a good opportunity in waiting.