Double top, double bottom, three top and bottom three for fo

The double top, double bottom, triple top and bottom three in foreign exchange trading are all foreign exchange chart forms. There are certain similarities between foreign exchange and stocks, but there are also big differences. For traders who learn foreign exchange knowledge, learning about these forex chart patterns can help them better complete transactions. 1. Double top The double top is a bearish reversal pattern. It only reverses the upward trend and forms two peaks at almost the same position. There was a trend before. When the price breaks down the trough between the two peaks, the shape of the double top is completed. The downside of this pattern is the magnitude between the crest and the middle trough. After the trough between the two peaks is broken down, the trader should short, and the stop loss order should be placed near the top of the peak. 2. Double bottom The double bottom is a bullish reversal pattern, which reverses the downward trend. Its characteristics are opposite to the double top pattern, that is, when the price breaks through the peak between the two troughs, its shape is completed. 3. Three top and three bottom three top and three bottom are two forms similar to double top and double bottom, but from the name we can clearly see that the three top and the third bottom have one more peak than the double top and the double bottom or trough. For the three tops, the best trading strategy is to short when breaking down to the lowest level of the two troughs (usually the same level). For the three bottoms, the best trading strategy is to go long when passing up the highest level of two peaks (usually the same level). For the double top, double bottom, triple top and bottom three in the forex chart form, we will introduce it here. If you want to know more about the financial basics, please pay attention to Gann.