How to apply for a mortgage is the most cost-effective

A bank mortgage loan that combines the advantages of “higher quota” and “low interest rate” has always attracted countless borrowers to compete and be moved. Perhaps it is the phrase "the interest is only lower, there is no minimum". There is always a sensible voice on the loan market: How to apply for a mortgage is the most cost-effective? Today we may wish to tell you the skills. Today, when the interest rate is turned on, even if it is the same loan method, the fees of each bank will be different. Borrowers who do not leave the house and take the opportunity to conduct online interest rate comparisons are undoubtedly a shortcut to save interest. For example, in the 360-loan search platform for product collection, the obvious contrast is that the interest rate pricing of banks and bank consumer loans is very different. The former has an annual interest rate of 6.84% and the latter is 6%. 600,000, the loan period is 5 years, the total interest difference is 13,300, the former interest is 96,600, while the latter is 109,900, which is very different. Locking the best way to adjust interest rates As we all know, we have entered the interest rate cut channel. This year, we have experienced three consecutive interest rates. We do not rule out the possibility that the fourth wave of interest rate cuts will occur in the second half of the year. When interest rate cuts have become a trend, if you are about to lock in short-term loans, it is recommended that you follow the trend and wait for the wind. In the loan contract, you will agree to adjust interest rates on a monthly basis. When the interest rate cuts are good, you will benefit immediately and realize the new loan interest rate in the next month. On the other hand, if you have agreed to a longer loan period of 5 years or 10 years, your vision will be long-term, and you are advised to bet on annual interest rates. Because 10 years is an uncertain future, monetary policy is turning tight, and the central bank’s sharp interest rate adjustment is a high probability event. Once the interest rate rises, the new interest rate will be implemented from January of the following year, which may be the most for you. Excellent arrangement. Choose the repayment method. The repayment method of the mortgage loan mainly includes the equal principal amount and the equal principal and interest. The biggest difference between the two is that the former is also called the “decreasing repayment method”. Since the monthly repayment of the principal is fixed, the interest will decrease with the decrease of the principal. In general, the borrower has a greater initial repayment pressure. But the interest burden is relatively small. The latter is to receive the remaining principal income first, and then receive the principal. The monthly principal plus the total amount of interest is the same. The customer repays the loan pressure, but the interest burden is relatively large.