ABC's rich fisheries and loans are given priority to the cus

Not long ago, the provincial Gaobao Shaobohu Fisheries Management Office and Bank Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony on the “Financial Support Gaobao Shaobohu Modern Fishery Development Cooperation Agreement” and the first batch of “rich fishing and loan” distribution ceremony in Gaoyou, and the first batch of activities at the event site. Fisheries companies and 10 fishermen issued loans totaling 2 million. The exclusive financial projects of “Fuyuyu” mainly include the mortgage financing of the shoal farming rights in Gaobao Shaobo Lake waters. According to the agreement, in the future, the bank branch will provide an intentional credit line of 600 million according to the fishery planning and fishery financial needs of the provincial Gaobao Shaobo Lake Fisheries Management Office, and provide a series of “hardware” products covering “Jinyinong”. Including: deposits, financing and financing, guarantee commitments, wealth management and investment banking, payment and settlement, financial leasing, etc., focusing on supporting the breeding mode or farming mode that conforms to the industrial layout and industrial policy of Gaobao Shaobo Lake Fisheries Management Office. The bank branches adopt the “green channel” approach, and the customers and projects recommended by the fishery management office will be prioritized, prioritized, prioritized, credited, simplified, and streamlined. The Fisheries Management Office and the Agricultural Bank Branch will gradually establish a customer and project repository, actively support the promotion and application of loan products such as fishery projects, fishery organizations and fishermen's aquaculture rights mortgages, and actively explore the upstream and downstream integrated financial service models of the industry chain. The issuance of the first batch of “rich fishing loans” marked the realization of the mortgage financing of the use of tidal flat culture licenses in the inland lakes of the province. The products have been widely recognized by the fishermen and the higher authorities, and the provincial marine and fisheries bureaus and Bank branches are adopted and will be promoted throughout the province. It is reported that the “rich fishing and loan” project will be included in the provincial financial and financial risk prevention fund to protect the rights of fishermen to the greatest extent and promote the fishermen to become rich.