Why are various entrepreneurial loan preferential policies a

Although the central and local governments have vigorously promoted decentralization and decentralization, optimized services, and stimulated the vitality of mass entrepreneurship and innovation through entrepreneurial loan support, software and hardware support for venture parks, and tax incentives, the reporter learned through investigations. The policy still has difficult problems to implement, or because the propaganda is not in place, and the restrictions are not effective. Many enterprises have encountered difficulties in doing things at the initial stage of entrepreneurship. Difficulties in loans: Nearly ten kinds of documents need to be run in multiple departments. In 2009, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Employment of Graduates of Regular Colleges and Universities", which clearly stipulates that "the local public employment service agencies register for unemployment and start their own businesses. College graduates who have insufficient self-raised funds may apply for a small secured loan of no more than 50,000 yuan; for partnerships and organizations to work for employment, the loan scale may be appropriately expanded as required; if the local government stipulates a meager profit project, it may Enjoy the subsidy support." Although the central and local governments have repeatedly confirmed this entrepreneurial loan support policy every year, due to the low enthusiasm of banks and complex application requirements, this policy has not been well implemented. In 2015, Tan Pei-ming and his classmates who graduated from the City College planned to start a film and television studio. They lacked the start-up funds and placed great hopes on the college graduates' entrepreneurial loans, but after the rush, they hoped to fail. Tan Peiming introduced his experience to the reporter: He chose the bank for the first time. The staff said that the bank did not have a venture loan project and could only apply for personal loans with fixed assets mortgage. For graduates like Tam Pei-Ming who just left the school. Said that there is no application condition at all. After continuing to visit the three branches of banks, banks and banks, Tan Pei-Ming received the answer that “there is no special loan project for college students to start a business”. The reporter also called 6 banks including banks, banks, banks, banks, China Merchants Bank and China CITIC Bank to understand that except for banks providing business loans for college graduates in other places, the rest of the banks did not open this business. In addition, the cumbersome application procedures have become an obstacle to the implementation of college graduates' entrepreneurial loans. For example, in the case of applying for college graduates' entrepreneurial loans, it is necessary to prepare nearly ten kinds of documents and materials such as employment unemployment registration certificate, loan application form, and planner self-raised funds certificate, which need to go to labor security and other government departments. The procedures vary according to the specific processing time of each department. It usually takes about one and a half months, and after the formalities are completed, you need to wait for the bank loan batch. “Although the state has a loan policy, the college graduates’ entrepreneurial loans are risky because they have no mortgages, and they are in conflict with the bank’s zero-risk unsecured lending claims. The number of applications is small and the procedures are complicated, and the bank is not worth the compensation.” The bank’s account manager explained . More restrictions: preferential policies "have support without application" Some entrepreneurs in the process of entrepreneurship also encountered the problem of entrepreneurial preferential policies under various restrictions. “Once you leave school and fail to enter the university-level entrepreneurial base, it is difficult to enjoy the entrepreneurial preferential policy,” said one entrepreneur. After graduating in 2014, Fudan University graduate Xiao Xiao (pseudonym) established his own digital communication studio for information design. After one year of development, the company currently has about 100,000. He told reporters that even if the company has been registered in the suburbs to reduce expenses, it can only basically achieve breakeven. The main reason is that the studio rent is high and it is not possible to enjoy the rent concessions for college students. Xiao Wei said that due to insufficient understanding of entrepreneurial information during the school period, the publicity of the school and related departments is not enough. Few people know how to enjoy the social security, taxation, rent reduction and other preferential policies, and some preferential policies are needed. Issue "business certification" and so on. Such as the venue problem that needs to be solved at the beginning of the business. There are many discounts on rents, utilities, etc. in the incubation park, making it the first choice for young entrepreneurs. However, the setting threshold of the hatchery park is relatively high, and there are restrictions on the nature of the industry sector of the startup enterprise, which makes it difficult to enter the park to enjoy the preferential treatment. “A university student entrepreneurial base in the region will directly inform in advance that companies with technology and registered capital of more than one million will be able to handle it quickly, otherwise the application speed will be very slow.” Xiao Yu (a pseudonym) said. In addition, the park will also assess the profitability of the settled enterprises and implement a elimination system. Because it is defined as a “cultural creative enterprise”, Xiao Yan (a pseudonym) can only turn to some “cultural entrepreneurial industrial parks”. However, after investigating the old docks and Tianzifang in Huangpu District, he found that the rent was extremely high and the initial entrepreneurs could not afford it. A provincial cadre also told reporters that some microfinance applications for entrepreneurship need to participate in entrepreneurship training classes before they can enter the guarantee center to conduct investigations and handle anti-guarantee procedures, thus obtaining loan guarantees. The process is cumbersome, even if it is successful, it needs 5 It is very difficult to be 8 months old. In particular, young people who carry out aquaculture and some entrepreneurial projects that require a high degree of agricultural time often fail to abandon their application for small loans because of “loss of consumption”, resulting in an embarrassing situation of “supporting and not applying”. Difficulties in doing things: it is better to spend money to find oxen. A good job in a week. The opportunities for start-ups are fleeting and must be reflected in a timely and rapid manner. To do this, the work style and service efficiency of government departments play a very important role. However, the procedures for many procedures are cumbersome, time-consuming and laborious, and the entrepreneurs are exhausted. Xu Wei, CEO of Beth Technology Co., Ltd. is working on a software development project called “Parking Space”, which has covered hundreds of communities and is planned to be promoted in places such as, and so on. Xu Wei deeply understands the dilemma of “difficult to do things” encountered in the early stage of entrepreneurship. Xu Wei told reporters that when the license was changed, the company had to sign the financing agreement and the change would need to be completed within one month. However, after the department is registered, it takes a week to submit the materials. After the materials are submitted, the staff waits another week to discover the problems of the materials and points out that many problems have not been pointed out. "For example, the Administrative Law stipulates that the time limit for the change of licensesIt is 1 month, but there is no time limit for the time limit for printing out the paper version after finishing the knot. So we were told that it took 3 months to print the material. But if it really takes three months to print, the company will die. In the end, we found that there is a special ‘yellow cow’ at the door, and if we receive 3000, we can “find the relationship” and guarantee that it will be printed in one week. Xu Wei said. However, a grassroots cadre also reported similar problems to reporters. Some localities stipulate that entrepreneurs must participate in entrepreneurship and employment training. At the same time, entrepreneurs who are registered in the city must also provide training. A certificate that did not receive free training for the door this year, and this certificate must go to the place of residence registration. It is not only time-consuming and laborious, but some grassroots can not verify and issue such certificates, making some young entrepreneurs "blocked" In the door of free training.