Foreword investment newcomer essential knowledge

With the accelerating process of internationalization of the currency, the foreign exchange market has been increasingly concerned by investors, and the concept of financial management is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, financial management must be well-informed. Investors are eager to try and understand the basic knowledge necessary for newcomers to foreign exchange investment. In fact, before foreign exchange investment, many investors are easy to go into a misunderstanding: What are the foreign exchange investment rules? What are the skills that foreign exchange investment must master? What are the rules of the foreign exchange field? What kind of trading platform is safe? There is a wide variety of foreign exchange introductions like this, which has caused many investors to prepare too many things and have a long cycle, but there are very few practical applications. For novices, the following three steps and cycles can be used to make a formal introduction to foreign exchange investment. I. Understand the basic knowledge of foreign exchange In fact, the basic knowledge of real foreign exchange investment needs to be learned is not many, the knowledge that needs to be known is as follows: What is foreign exchange? What is the principle of foreign exchange trading? At the same time, understand some basic concepts: leverage spread margin trading. Mastering the basics of these foreign exchange investments is the first step in getting started. And these basic knowledge is not difficult to find on major foreign exchange trading networks and financial portals. 2. Choose the simulation software that suits you. Many investors have always believed that before investing in foreign exchange investment, technical analysis is necessary. In fact, in terms of technology, mastering the candlestick chart can be used for basic operations. Choosing a foreign exchange simulation trading software suitable for you to do analog foreign exchange, learning investment skills in simulation combat, is the second step of foreign exchange entry. There are many options for the market software mentioned here. For example, MT4 can be downloaded from many websites. Other large software can also be downloaded directly from Baidu. There are many choices, which is the most important for you. 3. Technical aspects, fundamentals, interpretation of economic data The fundamentals of foreign exchange are the original driving force for exchange rate fluctuations. The changes in foreign exchange fundamentals are the reasons for the volatility of foreign exchange fluctuations and market prices. The fundamental analysis of the foreign exchange field includes the development of political economy, finance and other aspects to determine the supply and demand factors. But technical knowledge is also a factor that cannot be ignored. Therefore, after understanding the most basic foreign exchange investment model, technical aspects, fundamental interpretation of the market, and the application of investment techniques, you can formally enter the foreign exchange investment market.