Other major economic reports in foreign exchange

Foreign Exchange Economic Report In the previous article, we briefly introduced a few points for you. I believe investors will have some understanding of this. Then we will introduce some points for you, and hope that these basic foreign exchange knowledge can help you. 1. Inflation data The most widely known inflation data is the consumer price index, which measures the change in the value of a basket of goods and services over a period of time. Producer price index or wholesale price index measures the change in the value of goods produced by multiple manufacturing sectors. At the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the CPI and PPI are published monthly. The Australian CPI is published quarterly by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. In New Zealand, Statistics New Zealand publishes CPI data on a quarterly basis. Most major economies publish CPIs once a month. 2. Retail Sales Retail trade data examines the value changes of retail traders selling goods to consumers. The Census Bureau publishes monthly retail sales data. All other major economies also publish monthly retail sales data. Traders should look at these data with caution, and monthly changes can be very large, and the magnitude of the correction can sometimes be large. 3. Durable goods Only the publication of durable goods data, the change in the value of the manufacturer's new goods orders, the expected life of these products is more than 3 years. Analysts sometimes focus on this data in addition to shipping and defense orders, as defense and car orders can distort this data. Non-defense capital goods orders may be used as a leading indicator of capital equipment business investment. The Census Bureau will publish data on durable goods orders once a month. 4. Gross domestic product (GDP), also known as GDP, is usually considered to be the best indicator of a country’s economic activity, examining the value of all goods and services produced by a country, unfortunately this A data has a strong lag and is published every three months. Quarterly GDP data is published by all major economies. The cyclicality of GDP and economic operations has clear peaks and troughs.