How to design a successful trading strategy for foreign exch

Designing a successful foreign exchange trading strategy is like arranging a battle. Every step must be very thoughtful. Otherwise, you will find that the ideal strategy can only be discussed on paper! So, how do foreign exchanges design successful trading strategies? Successful foreign exchange is a perfect combination of skill and spirit, which is similar to many of the traditional culture. By comparing and analyzing with Taijiquan, Go and other projects, you can experience some realms in the foreign exchange. As a competitive project that has been inherited for thousands of years, some of the experience that Go has precipitated in the long-term competitive process is quite instructive for the handling of foreign exchange. For example, in the Tang Dynasty, the salary of the King of the Tang Dynasty, "Goss of the Ten Commandments", that is, greed can not win; the entry should be slow; attack and care for me; abandon the child to fight for the first time; save the small to save the big; The move must be corresponding; If you are an investor who is familiar with Go and foreign exchange, you can understand the meaning of these words. The so-called "into the boundary should be slow", in fact, is a "deliberate war" principle, although sometimes Go also needs a storm-like speed in the offense, but the premise is that you must attack when the time is ripe, otherwise It is possible that the global situation will be dragged into a passive situation due to the failure of the attack. The same is true for foreign exchange. When trading, you must wait for the technology and the timing of the time to be mature before you can operate. At the same time, there is no need to fill the position, there must be a certain amount of funds in order to have room for manoeuvre after the quilt. Another example is "attacking on me", which can be regarded as the basic requirement for investors' tactical literacy. That is, investors should not see the market rise and break through, and they will be stunned and see the rising opportunities. To see the space for the fall. “The corresponding requirements” refers to the cooperation between the pieces in the chess, and there must be sufficient pre-consideration of the means of attack. For example, in the case of speculating foreign exchange, investors have bought in Europe. At the same time, they should also pay attention to the guidance and driving role of the European currency, which is consistent with the European Union, in the direction of the European Union. It is also necessary to pay attention to the “European-Japanese Crossing”. influences. More importantly, investors must consider that when they make mistakes in their own operations, the follow-up means is “stop loss” or “cross-over”. If it is a crossover, then if the European Union falls and the exchange rate changes in other currencies, the pre-designed cross-exchange rate will definitely change, then will there be a good trading price for this crossover? What should I do if there is no good trading price? In short, the design of a successful trading strategy is like arranging a battle. It is necessary to design a well-rounded strategy in the mutual influence and constant changes of various factors. Otherwise, it will be found that the ideal strategy can only be discussed on paper! Tai Chi In the mouth of the mouth, there is a sentence that "the bones are to be loose, and the fur is to attack". The author believes that the mental and physical relaxation and the use of a keen eye to operate at the key point of the market is the ideal trading realm. In addition to using the vision and skills, the process of discovering the inflection point can only be patience in the tempting field, waiting for the most accurate investment opportunities.