Forex knowledge: foreign exchange purchase price and selling

The friends who first entered the exchange are definitely not very familiar with some of the terms in the exchange. So if you want to exchange, it is very necessary to learn some basic foreign exchange knowledge. Some new friends have certain problems with the concept of foreign exchange bid and offer. Today, let's take a look at the foreign exchange bid and offer prices. First of all, the investment should understand that the foreign exchange purchase price and the selling price are set by the bank, so when the price is watched, it must be If the bank is centered. What is the foreign exchange purchase price? Many investors will be self-centered. It will be because they are buying a foreign exchange price, but it is not. The following is a detailed introduction to foreign exchange bid and offer prices. First: foreign exchange purchase price It refers to the exchange rate used by the bank to buy foreign exchange (the currency listed on the left side of the "/", the base currency). Generally speaking, if you sell US cash or cash to the bank, from the bank's point of view, it is to use this purchase price to collect your US cash, cash, and foreign exchange. Second: Foreign exchange selling price It refers to the exchange rate used by the bank to sell foreign exchange (the currency listed in the "/" on the left side of the price, which is the base currency). Similarly, if you use the currency to go to the bank to buy beauty, then from the perspective of the bank, the bank will sell the beauty to you at this selling price. The beauty that has just been bought is the spot exchange, and the cash withdrawal becomes the cash. Therefore, the current remittance offer for this cash is the same. That is to say, if the bank buys your beauty, it will use the purchase price, and if the bank sells it to you, it will use the selling price. Third: For example, the price of the current European and American currency pair is 1:1.2345, then buy or do more at the price of 1.2345, that is to say, the price will rise, then 1.2345 is the purchase price; instead, the price is 1.2345. Short selling, that is to say, this price will fall, so 1.2345 is your selling price. The above is an introduction to the foreign exchange purchase price and the selling price. If you know more, please pay attention to the foreign exchange knowledge column. New friends who are new to the exchange must be cautious when choosing a currency transaction. They must first try in the simulation system provided by some platforms. Of course, being proficient in the simulation does not mean that you will be able to Profit. The simulation system is just a miss, and more experience comes from actual combat.