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Despite two months of late lending, the cost of capital has been saved a lot. Zhang Rong, who runs the curtain wholesale business in Chaotianmen, said that considering the new agent of a curtain brand this year, it is urgent to expand the scale of the facade. As early as the end of last year, he began to plan to use his own house to pay the full amount of housing for mortgage. I raised money from the bank loan. I didn’t expect that when I went to four or five banks in a row, the answer was that the interest rate had to rise by 50%, and the loan time could not be promised. I think that the bank credit funds are often “pre-song and tight”, Zhang Rong decided to put this in advance, and wait for the opportunity to move after the start of the year. In early March of this year, Zhang Rong once again filed an application for a personal mortgage loan with the bank. I did not expect the bank’s reply after the review was: interest rate. It only needs to be up 30% on the basis of the benchmark interest rate. “At present, the differentiated pricing strategy still applied for the bidding for personal business loans, but as long as there are qualified collateral credit conditions, only need to rise on the basis of the benchmark interest rate. About 30% can be done. The head of the personal loan department of a joint-stock bank said that in the fourth quarter of last year, the benchmark interest rate of personal operating loans generally rose by about 50%. In addition to the downward adjustment of interest rate, some banks are more "critical" on collateral. In the second half of last year, when the bank credit line was tight, some banks also required that they must be houses within the main house to be collateral. At the same time, some banks also restricted the developers of mortgage houses, and the visibility of developers. Banks with limited property management and low level of property management will not approve mortgage loans. Yesterday, the reporter found that even the city’s real estate, if it is in a good location, is not used for a long time. It can also be used as a collateral for business loans. The amount of the loan is about 70% of the house evaluation price. However, bankers also reminded that the application of the loan can only be used for the production and operation of the enterprise or the capital turnover. The cost of personal business loans has dropped? The reporter learned that this year's housing The decrease in the volume of housing has led to a sharp decline in the increase in mortgage loans across the house, and banks have begun to adjust their credit institutions. “The original mortgage loans accounted for nearly 90% of the retail business, but now it has dropped to 60% to 70%. A person in charge of the retail business department of a small and medium-sized bank said that compared with personal housing mortgage loans, higher-yielding consumer loans and personal business loans have become the focus of commercial banks. In addition, the private lending rate has been rising since last year. Looseness is also one of the reasons. According to the heads of some guarantee agencies, the interest rate of short-term lending business of private lending is also lowered. At the end of last year, the monthly interest rate of similar short-term borrowing business rose to 6%, and the monthly interest rate now returns to around 4%.