Will the home mortgage loan be auctioned if it is not on the

Is the only home mortgage loan not going to the house to be auctioned? At present, in addition to the bank, the loan company can also apply for a mortgage loan. However, for the mortgage loan, the lending institution has some requirements, and the borrower needs monthly. Repayment in full and on time, then, will the only mortgage loan not be sold on the house? First, there is no relevant law that the only housing cannot be mortgaged, and indeed some lenders will accept the only housing mortgage. However, in 2005, the Supreme Court’s Provisions on the Seizure, Seizure, and Freezing of Property in the Civil Execution of the Court has such a content: If the owner mortgages the only house, if the mortgagee recovers the arrears from the owner, the court cannot auction or sell it. Debt. That is to say, when the mortgaged housing is the sole housing of the borrower, if the borrower's loan is overdue, the lending institution will actually be in trouble when disposing of the mortgaged asset. However, this does not mean that the borrower can not repay the loan. Generally, after the big house is replaced by a small house or rented, the borrower's housing problem will be solved, and the mortgaged house will still be disposed of according to law. In any case, the repayment obligations and obligations will not change because the mortgaged asset is the only one. At present, most banks' mortgage loans require the borrower's family to have more than one set of housing, that is, there is a spare room outside the mortgaged housing, so that if the borrower defaults, the bank will have no worries about disposing of the mortgaged assets. However, some banks and loan companies accept the only mortgage, but the loan interest rate is usually higher and the amount is lower. Therefore, before the borrower can apply for a mortgage, it needs to make a repayment plan in advance, and reasonably measure its repayment ability to avoid the phenomenon of unrecoverable repayment.