Postal Savings Bank Launches Property Rights Transaction Ins

Recently, the Postal Savings Bank branch teamed up with avenue Jinfu and Zhong'an Insurance to jointly launch the property rights trading insurance mortgage loan business (referred to as “transaction insurance”), which is an innovative second-hand housing mortgage loan business product, with the postal bank as a loan bank. Provide mortgage loans to customers. The relevant person in charge of the Postal and Bank Branch said that “transaction insurance” is the postal bank’s efforts to create differentiated financial services, strive to improve the quality of financial services, earnestly implement the concept of inclusive financial development, and actively respond to the reform of the national supply side. Great innovation initiatives." The Postal Savings Bank Branch has always attached great importance to financial innovation, and is committed to providing customers with quality, safe, affordable and convenient financial services, and is brave in trying to innovate in financial innovation. It is understood that as the first model of redemption, the starting point of the "transaction protection" is to focus on the interests of customers, and to provide a safer, more preferential and efficient concept for second-hand housing transactions, to meet the different needs of buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. . The innovation of the business redemption model solves the pain points of existing products, and provides more reliable and safe protection for buyers and sellers in second-hand housing transactions, which will have a huge impact on the existing second-hand housing exchange. “Transaction Insurance” is a new Pratt & Whitney financial product that came into being. The bank injected a new meaning of “Pu Hui” through an innovative service model. In 2015, affected by a number of favorable policies, real estate prices showed a rising trend. In the traditional second-hand housing transaction process, due to the existence of redemption, mortgage and other links, the transaction can not be able to transfer the money immediately, so there are hidden dangers, which will have a certain impact on both buyers and sellers. As the most critical step, the redemption link is susceptible to many aspects, resulting in the inability to complete the transfer and mortgage steps immediately after the loan is issued. At present, according to the transaction characteristics of second-hand housing, the second-hand housing mortgage loan business that needs to be redeemed has two business models: “one foreclosure” and “two foreclosure”. The “one foreclosed” model has low transaction costs and simple operation, but the buyer has a higher risk of default in the whole real estate transaction process. Once the buyer’s loan is issued, once the transaction real estate is seized or a default event occurs, the buyer may suffer a large Loss. "Two redemption buildings" as the current mainstream mode, but the transaction costs are relatively high, the operating procedures are relatively cumbersome, before the mortgage of the mortgage to the mortgage bank, the seller bears the risk of loss, once the seller loan is issued, the buyer does not cooperate or other The reason is that the property cannot be mortgaged to the borrower's mortgage bank, and the seller may suffer losses. The two business models have different concerns, but there is a possibility that one party will bear the loss. Therefore, "transaction insurance" products came into being. The Postal Savings Bank and Avenue Gold Service introduce insurance companies, and the insurance company provides insurance protection to both buyers and sellers during the real estate transaction process. This kind of insurance guarantee model has innovated the guarantee method of the redemption business, which has solved the problems that buyers and sellers may have in the transaction. Then, what are the advantages of the "transaction insurance" product? It is reported that the product is a second-hand housing transaction financial service guaranteed by insurance, with low price, high speed and high security. By purchasing insurance for both parties to the transaction, the Postal Savings Bank issues the buyer's mortgage loan in advance to return the original mortgage loan of the seller. The buyer and the seller do not need to finance the redemption of the building, so that the seller can collect the money in advance and the buyer will repossce in advance. For the risk of default in the transaction process, the insurance company shall assume the insurance liability at the first time, and at the same time initiate the recovery of the responsible person, so that the parties are exempted from the possible loss of property rights or mortgage rights, and the legal rights of the buyer and the seller are guaranteed. From the perspective of buyers and sellers, the “transaction insurance” has solved the risks that the two parties are worried about. The seller can collect the money in full without additional financing to redeem the building. The buyer can repossce in advance without fear of damage to the legitimate interests. Greatly reduce the transaction cost and time cost of both parties. At the same time, in the real estate transaction process, the insurance company provides insurance protection for the transaction, the mortgage loan is guaranteed, and the buyer has no risk of padding, which further ensures the security of the transaction.