Micro-credit officially launched on WeChat Mobile QQ WeChat

On September 21, Microfinance was officially launched on WeChat, which is the first Internet credit product of Weizhong Bank. Micro-credit requires users to use WeChat in 6.2.5 and above. The login entry is “I-wallet-bank card-borrowing money”. Weizhong Bank will use red dot reminder, users can also take the initiative to view it on WeChat. The user who has the "borrowing" entry at the bottom of the list is the invited user. Mobile QQ and WeChat dual channel loans At present, the micro-loan is launched on the hands of both Q and WeChat. Now, the “white list” promotion method is adopted. The latest data shows that it has been opened to 3 million customers. For a natural person user to provide a unified credit line, users who open micro-credit in both channels can borrow money on both hands Q and WeChat, but the total loan amount of the two platforms must not exceed the amount of the micro-loan, the amount is 500-20 Not to wait. Weizhong Bank said that micro-credit is on the line between Q and WeChat, adopting the unified risk mechanism of Weizhong Bank, but the two channels will be slightly different in data application and specific strategy. WeChat data is in account security on WeChat channel. Play a bigger role in customer screening. Weizhong will make full use of the platform resources of shareholders Tencent and seek cooperation with various excellent platforms. The advantages of both hands Q and WeChat complement each other, so that target users can more easily contact, understand and use the products of Weizhong Bank. Implementation of joint loan with banks From the source of “micro-loan” funds of Weizhong Bank, the joint loan has been implemented. The customer receipt information of “micro-loan” on the first day shows that the source of loan funds is Weizhong Bank and Bank. It is reported that at present, more than a dozen banks and Weizhong Bank have conducted relevant contacts, and the fastest landing is a bank, and more banks will participate in it in the future. Weizhong Bank also said that the current micro-lending products adopt the user invitation system, and will invite some users who meet the current credit conditions to use, and gradually expand the invitation scope to all target users, while the groups targeted include individual consumers, self-employed persons, Small and micro business owners and corporate individual shareholders. Microfinance has developed a pricing plan for each customer to ensure a sustainable and healthy development of the business. Supporting the loan repayment, the early repayment customer does not need to bear the liquidated damages, and adopts the daily interest rate, single customer daily fixed interest rate limit. It is 0.05%. At present, the “industry cooperation” adopted by the micro-credit has established a platform for micro-credit loans, and cooperated with cooperative financial institutions to achieve financing needs for customers.