Children's insurance claims: different risks at different st

For parents who are insured for children's insurance, in order to give their children comprehensive protection and hope to get reasonable compensation when the risk comes, there are too many questions in mind: How many children have the highest proportion of claims? What is the usual reason for the claim? What is the approximate amount of each claim? What insurance do you buy for your child? How to distribute the amount of insurance... These are the issues that parents are most concerned about. 0 to 6: The highest case for disease claims It is reported that in the case of 0 to 18 children's claims, the proportion of claims for accidental medical expenses and sickness medical expenses is more than 70%. 0 to 6 Children have the highest proportion of claims for illness, accounting for more than 80%, and nearly half of the claims are bronchitis and pneumonia, with an average claim amount of around 900. When a child is young, "a big illness does not make a crime, a small illness is continuous" is the common feeling of many parents. The result of the children's insurance claims from 0 to 6 can also clearly see this phenomenon. For this reason, insurance experts recommend that young parents should consider health risks and pay more attention to medical security when considering insurance for infants and young children. In general, newborn babies can be insured after 7 days of birth. At present, accidental injury medical insurance and hospitalization expenses medical insurance are often sold in the form of additional insurance. Young parents can choose a cheap and accidental injury insurance as the main insurance when they are insured for the baby. Accident insurance medical insurance and hospitalization medical insurance, such insurance portfolio is not only comprehensive, but also more affordable. 7 to 18: The number of trauma claims is different from that of children aged 0 to 6. The proportion of children with 7 to 18 at this stage is lower, but the number of claims for accidental injuries is significantly higher. Such as "bitten or scratched by a dog", "hot water burns", "damage caused by falling from a height, jumping or being pushed down" and fractures of the body parts such as the arms, calves and shoulders, etc. The proportion is over 60%. Due to the different severity of the injury, the different treatment conditions and the difference in the type of insurance purchased, the amount of claims is also relatively large. However, the amount of claims for general trauma is between one and one thousand, and the cost of treatment for fractures is higher. As the child grows and the body grows stronger, the health risks are significantly reduced. Insurance experts suggest that at this stage, parents can focus on considering the use of children's insurance to start the reserve education fund for children. In fact, children's education expenditures always occupy an important proportion in a total family expenditure. Many parents have started to do their children's college education or long-term plans for further study abroad when their children are very young. The education gold reserve is also an important function of the children's insurance. Compared with the simple savings plan, the main advantage of the education gold children's insurance is to reserve a full education fund for the children, and also provide a copy for the children. Long-term protection. There is also a unique economic guarantee of “exemption exemption” to ensure that once the misfortune occurs, the insurance coverage for the child can still continue to be effective, and the child’s education gold plan has a heavy security lock. Family security can not be ignored. The so-called "Wang Zi Cheng Long, Wang Nv Cheng Feng", most parents can not afford to buy all kinds of children's insurance products, to provide children with the protection of the growth of the airtight, in order to be foolproof. As everyone knows, this "every child-centered" lifestyle is the misunderstanding of buying children's insurance. Insurance experts remind parents that while purchasing insurance for their children, as the main contributor, parents should pay more attention to improving their own security. As the pillar of the family economy, it is an important reliance for children's growth. The best way is to use the family as the unit to achieve "the protection of adults and children." So, what kind of protection is needed in the current family? Expert advice: The primary consideration for families is a risk accident that has a major impact on the family. Specifically, it is divided into three categories: the first category is the risk of death, which may cause the most direct blow to the family; the second category is the risk of disease, especially major diseases, and the high cost of treatment will be unaffordable for the family. The third category is the accidental disability, which will also affect the family to a large extent, which in turn affects the children’s educational planning. At present, there are many products on the field that use the family as the insurance unit. It is a good choice for the children to make education plans for their children and to provide adequate protection for their parents. It is a good choice for peace of mind and easy management.