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Question: What kind of benefits can children enjoy in outpatient and inpatient treatments? Accepted by: Human Resources and Social Security Bureau 1. Student medical insurance outpatient treatment: 1. Insured primary and secondary school students and children with their Social Medical Insurance Card "Social Medical Insurance Medical Record" and "Social Insurance Card" are treated in the outpatient clinic of a designated medical institution. The general outpatient medical expenses that meet the medical insurance payment requirements are set by the Student Medical Insurance Fund within the limit of 600 for each settlement year. The percentage of % is settled. 2. When the card is settled, the insured student only needs to pay the personal expenses (including the personal concession and the personal self-paying part) to the designated medical institution, and the rest of the expenses are settled by the social security center and the designated medical institution according to regulations. Second, the student medical insurance hospitalization treatment: Insured students in the designated hospitals in accordance with the medical insurance payment provisions of the hospitalization medical expenses, the implementation of the threshold of payment, the excess of the payment standard according to the accumulation of the annual cost of the proportion of the settlement And the annual medical cost capping method. 1. The insured student's starting fee for each hospitalization is 500, and the inpatient medical expenses within the threshold are borne by the individual. 2. Insured students in the settlement year, the medical expenses incurred in each hospitalization are calculated according to the prescribed payment standard, and the rest are directly entered into the corresponding student medical insurance fund according to the actual medical expenses of the actual hospitalization and outpatient specific items in the current year. Segment: The part below 40,000 is paid by 70%; the part of 40,000 to 100,000 is paid by 80%; the part of 100,000 to 200,000 is paid by 90%. 3. Insured students will have a medical expenses of 200,000 for the inpatient and outpatient specific items in a settlement year. The medical insurance fund will not be settled if the medical expenses above the top line are exceeded. I hope that you will continue to provide valuable suggestions and comments on our work.