Children need to pay attention to buying big illnesses

With the increasing awareness of insurance, more and more families are starting to buy insurance for their children, but the insurance is not as good as possible. Here are some suggestions for reference: Recommendation 1: Guarantee first, education second. Many parents spend a lot of money to buy education insurance for their children, but they don't pay attention to buying accident insurance and medical insurance. The probability of a child being hospitalized for accidental injury or illness is much higher than that of an adult. Therefore, the order of insurance for children is first accident insurance and medical insurance, children's major illness insurance, education insurance. Recommendation 2: The insurance period should not be too long. Don't buy insurance for your child for too long. It is best to buy the age at which your child graduates from college. The insurance should be borne by the child. Especially for families who are not well-off in the economy, if the adult's own pension is not enough, it is even more unnecessary to consider the child's pension. Even education insurance with compulsory savings should be purchased if the family's economic conditions permit, and the current quality of life of the family should not be affected by the insurance of the child. Recommendation 3: Change of concept. Buying an education insurance for a child means taking the interest of saving money to provide the child with accidental medical care and major illness protection. It is not possible to compare education funds with savings, stocks, funds, etc., because the main functions of education funds are mandatory savings, special funds, and the insurance premium exemption function is attached, and more emphasis is placed on protection. However, if the education fund and fund investment are used as a combination of children's education, it is a very good choice. Recommendation 4: Before you prepare to buy insurance for your child, first look at the adults themselves and buy them, because parents are the child's biggest insurance. Only when the adults are guaranteed, the future of the child is complete and guaranteed. With child social insurance, it is necessary to add a suitable commercial insurance, so that the baby can have a safe and healthy childhood and give the baby a more comprehensive protection.